Rugby World Cup 2023: the full schedule of matches

A dream poster to begin with. During the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the XV of France will be under pressure from the outset: the Blues will begin with an already eagerly awaited shock against the New Zealand All Blacks, on September 8 at the Stade de France, according to the schedule of the competition unveiled Friday February 26. Placed in pool A, the Blues will also face a qualifier from the America zone on September 14 in Lille, then that of the Africa zone on September 21 in Marseille. Before finishing in Lyon, on October 6, against Italy.

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For their part, the South African title holders will launch their campaign in front of Scotland on September 10 at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. The teammates of Cheslin Kolbe and Siya Kolisi will also cross swords with Ireland on September 23 at the Stade de France while the duel between the two Celtic neighbors will take place in the Dionysian enclosure on October 7.

Rugby World Cup 2023: the full schedule of matches

In Pool D, England will find Argentina on September 9, which the XV de la Rose had chewed without batting an eyelid (39-10) during the group stage in 2019, and Japan, the last host of the World Cup. Finally, the Fijians will have a lot to do in Group C, with Wales, which they challenge on September 10 in Bordeaux, and Australia on September 17 in Saint-Étienne.

In total, forty-eight matches will be played in nine host cities (Saint-Denis, Marseille, Nice, Lille, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Saint-Étienne, Nantes). The ticket office will be open mid-March. The final is scheduled for October 28, at the Stade de France.

The full schedule for the 2023 World Cup in France (September 8-October 28):

♦ POOL A (New Zealand, France, Italy, qualified zone America 1, qualified zone Africa 1)

08/09 in Saint Denis (Stade de France) France – New Zealand

09/09 in Saint-Étienne (Stade Geoffroy-Guichard) Italy – Africa 1

09/14 in Lille (Pierre-Mauroy Stadium) France – America 1

09/15 in Toulouse (Stadium) New Zealand – Africa 1

09/20 in Nice (Stade Riviera) Italy – America 1

09/21 in Marseille (Stade Vélodrome) France – Africa 1

09/27 in Lyon (Stade des Lumières) America 1 – Africa 1

09/29 in Lyon (Stade des Lumières) New Zealand – Italy

05/10 in Lyon (Stade des Lumières) New Zealand – America 1

06/10 in Lyon (Stade des Lumières) France – Italy

POOL B (South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, qualified Asia / Pacific zone 1, qualified zone Europe 2)

09/09 in Bordeaux (Stade Atlantique) Ireland – Europe 2

10/09 in Marseille (Stade Vélodrome) South Africa – Scotland

09/16 in Nantes (Stade de la Beaujoire) Ireland – Asia / Pacific 1

09/17 in Bordeaux (Stade Atlantique) South Africa – Europe 2

09/23 in Saint-Denis (Stade de France) South Africa – Ireland

24/09 in Nice (Stade Riviera) Scotland – Asia / Pacific 1

09/30 in Lille (Stade Pierre-Mauroy) Scotland – Europe 2

01/10 in Marseille (Stade Vélodrome) South Africa – Asia / Pacific 1

07/10 in Saint-Denis (Stade de France) Ireland – Scotland

08/10 in Lille (Pierre-Mauroy Stadium) Asia / Pacific 1 – Europe 2

♦ POOL C (Wales, Australia, Fiji, qualified Europe 1, winner of the final qualifying round)

09/09 in Saint-Denis (Stade de France) Australia – Europe 1

10/09 in Bordeaux (Stade Atlantique) Wales – Fiji

16/09 in Nice (Stade Riviera) Wales – TQF winner

09/17 at Saint-Étienne (Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium) Australia – Fiji

23/09 at Toulouse (Stadium) Europe 1 – winner TQF

24/09 in Lyon (Stade des Lumières) Wales – Australia

09/30 in Bordeaux (Stade Atlantique) Fiji – Europe 1

01/10 at Saint-Étienne (Stade Geoffroy-Guichard) Australia – TQF winner

07/10 in Nantes (Stade de la Beaujoire) Wales – Europe 1

08/10 at Toulouse (Stadium) Fiji – TQF winner

♦ POOL D (England, Japan, Argentina, qualified Oceania zone 1, qualified America zone 2)

09/09 in Marseille (Stade Vélodrome) England – Argentina

10/09 in Toulouse (Stadium) Japan – America 2

09/16 in Bordeaux (Stade Atlantique) Oceania 1 – America 2

09/17 in Nice (Stade Riviera) England – Japan

09/22 in Saint-Étienne (Stade Geoffroy-Guichard) Argentina – Oceania 1

23/09 in Lille (Pierre-Mauroy Stadium) England – America 2

09/28 in Toulouse (Stadium) Japan – Oceania 1

09/30 in Nantes (Stade de la Beaujoire) Argentina – America 2

07/10 in Lille (Stade Pierre-Mauroy) England – Oceania 1

08/10 in Nantes (Stade de la Beaujoire) Japan – Argentina

♦ Quarter-finals

14/10 in Marseille (Stade Vélodrome) 1st pool C – 2nd pool D

10/14 at Saint-Denis (Stade de France) 1st pool B – 2nd pool A

10/15 in Marseille (Stade Vélodrome) 1st pool D – 2nd pool C

10/15 at Saint-Denis (Stade de France) 1st pool A – 2nd pool B

♦ Semi-finals

20/10 at Saint-Denis (Stade de France) winner QF 1 – winner QF 2

10/21 at Saint-Denis (Stade de France) winner QF 3 – winner QF 4

♦ Match for the 3e square

27/10 at Saint-Denis (Stade de France) losing SF 1 – losing SF 2

♦ Final

28/10 at Saint-Denis (Stade de France) winner SF 1 – winner SF 2


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