Romanticism, when you hold us

As in a good story or a compelling film, the dramaturgy of a musical program makes all the difference. The Karenine Trio understood this well by “scripting” its last recording as an author would have done of his novel. So much so that Paloma Kouider (piano), Fanny Robilliard (violin) and Louis Rodde (voluptuous cello) keep us going from start to finish, carried away on the wings of romanticism. It all starts with the transcription that Liszt made of his Obermann Valley, originally composed for solo piano. From ghostly and rarefied, the climate is gradually becoming fervent, ardent, burning. While it is a record, the listener imagines the performers struggling with their instruments to create such powerful sound images. Follow the Cannon-shaped pieces which Schumann wrote in homage to Bach, the master of masters, in a spirit of creative devotion. Finally, transcribed by Eduard Steuermann, the hypnotic Transfigured night de Schoenberg seals, under the fingers of the Karenines, the sublime marriage between human love and the mysteries of the cosmos.


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