Roman Polanski’s next film produced by Rai, the Italian public broadcasting group

The filming of The Palace, whose plot takes place in a luxury Swiss hotel, is due to begin in the fall. No French studio has been announced for the time being among the producers.

The release of his film I accuse in 2019 was surrounded by a very lively controversy. This does not prevent Roman Polanski from currently preparing a new film called The Palace. Variety reveals that Rai Cinema, the dedicated branch of the Italian public audiovisual group, is one of the producers. Among which no French has yet been announced.

During a press conference, Paolo Del Brocco immediately clarified the position of the Rai he leads: “I know that Roman Polanski arouses controversy, but we are only interested in the artistic side, in the quality of the stories. Not to personal history. ” The filmmaker will also find in the production Luca Barbareschi, who had already officiated in I accuse with his company Eliseo Entertainment. In 2019, the film, co-produced with France 2 Cinéma and France 3 Cinéma, received the César for Best Costume, Best Adaptation and Best Director. To the chagrin of feminist associations.

Back in camera

Roman Polanski wrote The Palace with Jerzy Skolimowski, great name of Polish cinema, author in particular ofEssential Killing in 2010. The compatriots, who met at the National Film School in Łódź when they were young, have already collaborated sixty years ago: Skolimowski co-authored the script and the dialogues of the Knife in water , first feature film which will bring Polanski to notoriety.

For The Palace, the two authors set their scene in a luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps on New Year’s Eve in 1999. The relationship between customers and staff, in the last hours of the second millennium, will be the plot of the film . We know Polanski’s taste for closed doors, Gall moon at Carnage Passing by The Venus in Furs . The filming of The Palace must start in the fall.


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