Robotic sharks decorate ponds

San Francisco animators at Edge Innovations have reinvented the marine entertainment industry, by creating dolphins, dragons and even sharks, with artificial intelligence that behave – to some extent – like real creatures.

The company promised that “close, personal participation with creatures around our world is finally possible.” Today, she said animation technology: provides a way to reinvent the marine entertainment industry with a sustainable, secure and profitable future. Since it doesn’t require 24/7 care, it can be turned off at night.

And technology can be used «Westworld» from Edge in a wide range of sites such as cruise ships and shopping centers, not only in the marine life parks and antique.

The company’s robotic dolphin – over 8 feet tall and weighing nearly 550 pounds – gathers AI-powered controls beneath the realistic silicone skin, automatically maintaining its float and system regularly to “breathe” just like a real creature.

The company might have already tricked you with one of its ultra-realistic animals, making sharks and killer whales for movies like Deep Blue Sea and Free Willy series, as well as the hugely popular Shark Week shows from Discovery.


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