Robotic cats for those who do not want the real

The Japanese company, Panasonic, has introduced a machine for those who do not want to own a real one inside the house.

The robot cat, “Nikobo”, gives a lot of familiarity with the increase in social distancing and home quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Nikobo” was invented in cooperation with the “Michio Oka” technology laboratory of Toyohashi University, and it is very similar to “a cat stuck in a sock.”

Nikobo has many satisfactory features for a large number of consumers, including its ability to distinguish faces using the camera attached to it, listen to your voice and respond to it through the directional microphones provided with it, and it also interacts when touched or hugged thanks to its possession of touch sensors, according to the site Gizmodo ».

On the other hand, the cat “Nikobo” has unpleasant features, such as farting, as well as not tracking its owner inside the room like a real cat, and its only movement abilities are limited to turning and looking up and down.

Nikobo also has a limited vocabulary and is able to speak entire Japanese sentences in a similar way to a young child.

But the purchase of the “Nikobo” robot cat will not be affordable in the near future, because the company “Panasonic” plans to sell 320 units of it only in the first operating phase of its production, as it expects it to be available in March 2022, a time it believes will witness the end Corona pandemic.

Panasonic sells its pet for about $ 360, but those who manage to book it in advance will be required to pay $ 10 per month in exchange for features such as smartphone pairing and updates.


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