Robotic aircraft monitoring environmental changes

A team of researchers in Britain has developed drones, which can install sensors in trees, in order to monitor the environmental changes occurring in forests.

Sensor units

Sensors are already being used in forests to follow changes in temperature, humidity and lighting, as well as the movements of animals and insects in their natural environment, as well as monitoring forest fires if they occur, but it is difficult to install sensors on tall trees, as climbing these trees involves Very serious.

A team of researchers at Imperial College in London has succeeded in developing robotic drones that can launch arrows carrying sensors on trees from a distance of several meters, and planes can also land on trees directly, with the aim of installing measuring and sensing devices on tree branches and branches.

data collection

The robotic planes have been equipped with cameras in order to identify their targets, and they also carry certain materials, which can change their shape when exposed to heat, in order to form arrowheads to stick to trees. The drones can land on tree branches, in order to collect data by themselves, as they act as moving sensors.


Currently, drones are controlled by humans, using remote control devices, and researchers hope to make the planes move by themselves, in order to test their ability to navigate and fly in dense forests.


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