Roblox with voice chat

Roblox announced that it is taking its first steps into the future of communication in Metaverse by introducing voice chat.

This comes by opening a feature called Spatial Voice to select developers in an invite-only trial.

The platform said: “Roblox content makers are beginning to test the development of experiences using (Spatial Voice), where conversations can occur in a realistic way, reflecting how we listen and respond to the world around us every day.”

Based on this limited description, it appears that Spatial Voice is trying to mirror the way you carry sounds in the real world, and requires you to be close to another player to talk to.

It plans to roll out the feature slowly, giving access first to 5,000 developers, all of whom are 13 or older, and the company may not grant access to children.

“I think we want to take it slow and want to learn as we go through it, and we might start with the developers,” the platform said.


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