Riyadh Season breaks the barrier of 9 million visitors

The Riyadh Season succeeded in breaking routine lifestyles through its various activities, and participating in bringing joy and happiness to its visitors, who numbered more than 9 million visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.

The season continues to create events with multiple goals that seek to develop personality and preserve human health in the social and psychological fields, and provide visitors with diverse experiences through a package of activities and events that emulate the public’s passion and multiple interests.

The activities of the Riyadh season vary between simple, effortless activities such as walking among cafes and international stores, listening to various music, and other activities dominated by the spirit of adventure such as fighting games and challenges, in addition to a number of programs for open and closed spaces, and various sports events, which contribute to improving The physical and psychological health of visitors.

The season witnesses a series of events that are part of the total events, which total about 7,500 active days, including 70 Arab concerts, 6 international concerts, in addition to 10 international exhibitions, 350 theatrical performances, 18 Arab plays, 6 international plays, and two international matches. And 100 interactive experiences, in addition to 200 restaurants and 70 cafes, with a variety of tastes of the audience and all age groups.


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