Riyadh and Winterland dedicate a space to highlight Saudi arts

After the launch of its activities yesterday, the “Riyadh Wonderland” area, one of the regions of the Riyadh season 2021, did not stop at providing its entertainment to visitors through various games, but also went beyond that to contain the creativity of Saudi artists, including painters and plastic artists, and to provide them with the opportunity for the masses to spread their creativity and skills in the air. Opening in front of the eyes of visitors coming from inside and outside the Kingdom.

Today, October 28, on its second day, the district hosts a site dedicated to artistic and creative drawings and inscriptions, which are sold by their owners directly to the visitors of the entertainment city, which opens its doors every day to visitors from four in the evening until one in the morning.

The artworks of Saudi talents found a demand from visitors, who were attracted by the drawings spread on boards, wood and palm trunks, to document the environmental and geographical diversity of the Kingdom’s regions and cities, through drawings that mimic the reality of those cities, and are inspired by their spirit and urban characteristics.

The artistic initiative in the middle of “Riyadh Winter Wonderland” was welcomed by the public, as it was developed by mixing games with arts, and creating various types of entertainment, in line with the desires of visitors and fulfilling their ambitions in the 2021 Riyadh season.

In addition to sponsoring the event for the arts, the area also allowed its visitors to take souvenir photos with the identity of “Riyadh and Winterland” through a studio equipped with the latest tools specialized in photography, and other photographic angles spread around the site, and provided a number of ticket stores, to immortalize the moment and keep it present throughout the days. Tickets include: bags, T-shirts and various other gifts in flower shops, in order to serve the visitors and provide the necessary equipment for their recreational moments.


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