Rita Moreno, from West Side Story to Fast and Furious 10

The Puerto Rican actress, Oscar winner for the role of Anita in the legendary musical comedy by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise (1961), will play Vin Diesel’s grandmother in the last film of the American franchise directed by Louis Leterrier.

For Vin Diesel, Rita Moreno the unforgettable Anita of the first and cult West Side Story, is an authentic legend. The Californian actor, who plays Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious 10welcomed with immense joy the arrival of the Puerto Rican actress, now 90, in what will be the 11th and final feature film in this franchise which is about cars, chases and plunder in the streets of New York.

It is via his Instagram account that Vin Diesel alias “dom” in Fast and Furious welcomed the presence at his side of the famous and always petulant actress: “I always dreamed of working with Rita Moreno. She becomes my grandmother in the script and I have to say that makes me laugh. It’s a real blessing for me to play with her.»

For his part Rita Moreno seems to be delighted to join Fast and Furious, which since 2001 and the release of the first film in the series almost always breaks box office records, both in North America and in Europe. For the record, the first ten films have garnered in twenty years a little more than 6.5 billion dollars in revenue.

The film crew of Fast and Furious 10 now seems stabilized. Justin Lin was replaced by director Louis Leterrier. And Rita Moreno will bring her touch of madness and tenderness to this action film. If all goes well, this ultimate feature film in the franchise should be released in French theaters on May 24, 2023.

Rita Moreno as Anita in the cult movie West Side Story from 1961


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