Risks of nose hair removal

Associate Consultant in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery, Dr. Muhammad Al-Samil, warned of a practice that has recently spread among some salon-goers, which is removing nose hair with wax, which is carried out through certain tools used by the barber, and some are now doing their work at home. He said, “Removing the hair inside the nose with wax may lead to its complete removal, thus reducing the process of air purification and humidification,” noting that the hair inside the nose has functions such as filtering the air entering the nose from dirt, dust and insects, and nose hair is the first line of defense for the device. Respiratory.

nose and brain

Al-Samel explained that one of the most important risks of this method is that it may cause small wounds or the emergence of pills inside the nose, thus causing infections.

If the tools used to remove nose hair are contaminated, the possibility of these infections reaching the brain increases, because the blood veins in the nose are connected to the blood veins in the brain because there are no filters between them, unlike the rest of the veins in the body, which is between each vein and the last small filter. Microbes gather in it and do not move to the rest of the body. The nose and brain are linked together by blood vessels.

thick hair

And Al-Samel explained that the origin of nose hair is not to remove, but sometimes some people have a density of nose hair, and this causes a distortion in the view. The skin is called (trimming).

danger triangle

On the other hand, Al-Samel explained that the nose is located in an area called the “danger triangle”; Therefore, it should not be tampered with, and in the event of any heat inside the nose, swelling of the tissues in the front of the nose, the presence of pus or the presence of a pill, patients are advised not to press on the nose and go to the doctor to dispense the appropriate treatment.

Nasal wax alternative:

Trim off excess hair with clean scissors.

The use of shaving machines for cutting hair, which has protection for the skin called (trimming).


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