Rise in food and beverages drives inflation to 5.3%

The General Authority for Statistics data revealed an increase in the inflation rate at 5.3% during the month of April 2021 against the background of the increase in the prices of food, beverages, communications and tobacco. The authority indicated that the consumer price index still reflects an increase in value-added tax from 5% to 15%, which began to be applied in July 2020. The cost of living index increased to 103.90 points during April 2021, according to the base year 2018, compared to 98.71 points during the same period in 2020.

The authority said that the increase in inflation in April was due to an increase in food and beverage prices by 8.4%, affected by the increase in food prices by 8.3%, in addition to the increase in transport prices by 14.9%, due to the increase in vehicle purchase prices by 10%. The “Communications” and “Tobacco” sections recorded an increase of 13.5% and 13.1% respectively, as the first was affected by the increase in the prices of telephone and fax services by 15.4%, and the second by an increase in the prices of cigarettes by 14.1%. On the other hand, the “Education” section recorded a decrease. By 9.1%, affected by the decrease in the prices of pre-primary education and primary education by 14.3% and the decrease in intermediate and secondary education by 11%.

The prices of the section “housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuel prices” decreased by 2.6% due to a decrease in the housing rental price by 3.7%.

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