Here is at least one booming sector: the automatic transmission. I am of course talking about cars with an automatic transmission, the transmission shifting on its own. While for a long time it was believed to be reserved for those lazy Americans, allergic to the pleasures of sporty driving (and vroom in the bend, and re-vroum in the hill), it is making a splash in France , with automatic (and semi-automatic) accounting for 54% of sales between January and August 2021. It’s cooler, less stressful, say converts. And yet, it apparently has one major drawback. According to a “Automotive market observer”, indeed, quoted in Le Télégramme, “once you’ve tested an automatic transmission, it’s very difficult to go back”. And there, all the same, I allow myself to ask a question: what is the use, I ask you, of a car, be it the most modern, the most futuristic, the most Zen, at the wheel of which it is? “Very difficult to reverse”? If, with an automatic transmission, you can no longer shift into reverse, where do you go? Right in the wall, here’s where we’re going. Because there are still (correct me if I’m wrong) many occasions when we are indeed obliged to reverse gear. And yet, the French (after the Americans, therefore) favor the automatic transmission. The French no longer want to go back. If it’s not a headlong rush, what is it?


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