Return a runaway board

The French judiciary returned a painting by the impressionist painter Paul Signac, on Friday, to the museum in the city of Nancy in eastern France, after it was stolen from it in May 2018, and it was found about a year later in Ukraine.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic in the city, Francois Piran, said that the investigation enabled the identification of four Ukrainians who were suspected of stealing four paintings in France.

The repetitive Friday plaque bears the title “Port of La Rochelle” and shows ships at the entrance to the port of La Rochelle in France. It is valued at 1.5 million euros.

Experts had confirmed the original character of this 1915 oil painting, signed by the teacher of the pointing current, after the Ukrainian police found it in Kiev.

The French judiciary imposed a seizure on the painting since its return to French lands. It will regain its place in the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy after its restoration, according to Beran.

During the robbery, the painting, 55 cm long and 46 cm wide, was cut to separate from the frame, which was left in place by the thief, who was described as a professional at cutting.

The Ukrainian police had recovered the painting from the house of a man also suspected of involvement in the murder of a jeweler, according to Ukrainian police chief Sergey Kazyanev.


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