Resumption of worship, how religions consider it

For the representatives of the Catholic Church, the thing is understood: as soon as the religious ceremonies can take place again in the presence of the faithful, the public masses will resume. So, ” if the health situation allows it “These celebrations should resume” around December 1st », With an adapted health protocol. Starting probably with a particularly limited number of participants for each mass.

→ REACTION. Bishop de Moulins-Beaufort: “We must find forms of action which correspond to the health situation”

However, if Catholics are on the front line to demand the resumption of religious ceremonies, this is not necessarily the case for believers of other religions. ” It’s a fairly Catholic approach to the question », Comments François Clavairoly, president of the Protestant Federation of France (FPF). “ For us, the resumption of other activities of the life of the Church, such as catechism and parish meetings, is at least as important as that of worship itself.. “

Wait for “ more comfortable conditions

What was important for the community leaders and the faithful was a course, a visibility », Abounds Elie Korchia, vice-president of the central Consistory and president of the Council of Jewish communities of Hauts-de-Seine. “ I don’t feel impatient because the faithful know that the contaminations are exponential.

So, even if prayers in places of worship are authorized again at the beginning of December, it does not mean that everyone will organize them. “ If attendance is limited to around 30 people, we will not immediately resume Friday prayers as most mosques usually accommodate hundreds of people. “, Underlines the President of the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) Mohammed Moussaoui who prefers to wait for” more comfortable conditions “.

This constraint on the number of participants also arises for evangelicals. “ If there is a gauge proportionate to the capacity of the building, it will be up to each place of worship to decide if it is possible to resume », Indicates Romain Choisnet director of communication of the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF). ” This would be particularly disabling for us because most of our places of worship operate normally between 90 and 120% of their capacity, refusing people.

At tuning fork of the measures decreed by the public authorities

If he insists on “ temperance and patience in the face of real threat Olivier Weng Gehn, President of the Buddhist Union of France, also pleaded for the resumption of group prayers during the videoconference with the Prime Minister on Monday, November 16. But above all, he wanted to draw the attention of the authorities to the economic situation of ” number of places of worship that operate on an associative basis and are starting to experience serious financial difficulties ”- a question which arises besides for the other cults.

Be that as it may, those in charge of religions other than Catholic put up with the constraints imposed to deal with the health situation – moreover, only Catholics have challenged them before the Council of State. ” Dn the framework of solidarity with other activities, I think that the cults can make this effort ”, believes Mohammed Moussaoui. ” We are at tuning fork of the measures decreed by the public authorities », Assures Elie Korchia. As for the evangelicals, they indicate that they are ready ” to be subject to the same restrictions as other areas such as culture, as long as these are justified and proportionate “.


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