Requiring tourism facilities with free prices, services and providing alternatives

The Human Rights Commission announced details of rights related to reservation and payment procedures in tourist accommodation facilities, especially with regard to published prices, free services and the provision of alternatives, with the approaching Eid al-Fitr holiday and the beginning of the end-of-year vacation. The authority said on its Twitter account: The licensee must inform the reservation applicant of the services provided, their prices, the payment mechanism, the reservation policy, and the cancellation or amendment. Submitting them based on the reservation, as well as the policy and conditions of reservation, cancellation or modification, and all reservations for services of various kinds are recorded in a special record, while the automated system provides immediate information on the number of units occupied, unoccupied, reserved, and under maintenance.

The authority pointed out the need to announce and inform the guest of the accommodation controls and seize the amounts required to insure the contents of the unit, and in the event of proven violation, the licensee may terminate the service contract. On the official papers, including his name or slogan, the items of services provided to him and the value of each of them are listed. The Authority confirmed that it would not claim or deduct any amounts from the guest’s credit card account after (closing the bill) and leaving. The identity of the guest and its validity is verified by viewing the original identification without taking a copy of it, and in emergency cases the reception of the guest who does not carry an identity proof will be through the approval of the security authorities, and according to the controls, an alternative unit is provided for the guest in the event that a vacant unit is not available in the facility. When there is a confirmed reservation, and the alternative unit is equal to the previously reserved unit in terms of the type of tourist accommodation facility and the category or degree of its classification, with the guest not charging any value in excess of the reservation value and transferring it to it. She indicated that the time of entry and departure of the guest to the unit must be observed, provided that the time of entry to the unit does not exceed two o’clock in the afternoon, and that the time of departure is not before twelve o’clock in the afternoon of the following day. In the event that the guest’s entry to the reserved unit is delayed by two o’clock in the afternoon, the tourist accommodation facility is obligated to receive the guest’s bags and keep them, provide a place for waiting and a service appropriate for his comfort, and provide the necessary meals for free.

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