Requiring restaurants to provide 5 meals that do not cause allergies

The Food and Drug Authority intends to obligate restaurants and all establishments that provide food to provide at least 5 meals that are free from the food allergy-causing ingredient specified in the one list, as it stipulated that they allocate two separate lists free of the following ingredients that cause food allergy: “gluten such as: Wheat, barley, oats, rye and millet, whether the original or hybrid types and their products, eggs and their products.

separate page

She indicated that the menu should be independent from the main menu, or a separate page within the main menu, whether it is displayed on a wooden board, an electronic screen, cardboard, brochures, leaflets, or displayed on smart device applications or websites. Electronic food establishments, car meal ordering places, barcode or QR code “scanner” or any other form.

Regulatory Manual

The authority stipulated, in the context of the draft regulatory guide, to create appropriate food lists for people suffering from food allergy, which it presented to the public, to express an opinion that the data on the ingredients causing food allergy should be easily accessible on the food lists, and written in a clear place for the end consumer.

And she pointed out that the owner of the facility can allocate additional separate menus, free from one of the twelve other food allergens, as follows: crustaceans and their products, fish and their products, peanuts and their products, nuts and their products, milk and its products “containing lactose”, celery and its products Mustard and its products, sesame seeds and their products, mollusks and their products, lupine and their products, soybeans and their products, sulfites with a concentration of 10 parts per million or more.

food allergy

The authority pointed out that the statistics of the World Health Organization estimate the prevalence of food allergy at “1-3%” in adults, and “4-6%” in children.

One of the national studies carried out by the National Committee for Nutrition at the Food and Drug General Authority in cooperation with researchers from Taibah University, “Department of Clinical Nutrition”, proved that the rate of food allergy in the Kingdom is estimated at 21%, where it was 2,273 (15%) of those with allergy. Food allergies are 18 years and older, and 964 (6%) of people with food allergies are under 18 years old.

24% of food allergy sufferers in the Kingdom suffer from the lack of suitable options for them when eating outside the home, and 45% of food allergy sufferers find it difficult to choose suitable foods, through electronic meal requests platforms.


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