“Repair” … digitally connects the consumer with 80 maintenance companies

– The application includes 29 categories and has been downloaded 22 thousand times in 8 months

A virtual marketplace offering thousands of items of equipment, spare parts and building materials within weeks

– Competitiveness between companies in the application gives an added value to the customer, quality and price

During the recent period, the “Repair” application has emerged in Kuwait that specializes in providing all support services for homes and companies, which include providing all repair and maintenance needs of all kinds, as it can be said that it represents a comprehensive solution platform to address all support needs by connecting the customer at the present time. With 80 specialized companies with different classification of work in providing support services, which provides competitive prices for clients.

If you want to repair any device, in your home or office, or do some repairs or renovations, or any supportive home service, the consumer in Kuwait can solve his problems in this regard through electronic platforms.

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One of the most prominent service platforms in Kuwait is the “Repair” application, which was founded by Kuwaiti initiators and has gained wide popularity, within a short period since its launch 8 months ago. The number of application downloads reached about 22 thousand downloads, an average of 2.5 thousand per month, while it is still in the process of rapid growth locally. And those in charge of it are preparing to expand in the Gulf.

Perhaps one of the wide advantages of the “Repair” application is that it provides its services to the consumer in a manner similar to a tendering mechanism, which attracts the best offers at the best prices, and provides its services according to the schedule that suits the customer, while providing emergency service.

Also, “Repair” provides through its platform a list of 29 categories, including security, buildings, computers, office equipment, roofing works, sanitary works and construction, glass works, painting, doors, household appliances and floors, electrical works, toys, aluminum and shutters, blacksmithing, curtains and cars, elevators, kitchens and carpentry And hygiene, gardens, farms, swimming pools, satellite services, air conditioners, mobiles and tablets, and the monitoring system with the circuit feature, and even protection from Corona and other groups.

3 stages

The device maintenance process goes through the application in 3 stages, so the customer has to choose the service he wants, then the company he wants to deal with to get a price quote, then contract and start the process.

“Repair” is distinguished by providing quick and less expensive solutions compared to traditional solutions, in various fields, as the user can “repair” while he is in his home or office, and without incurring the trouble of going to more than one place to compare its services and prices, to get what he wants in a saving His effort, time and money, and getting rid of the fraud and deception that may occur when he follows the traditional method by searching for a technician for repair and maintenance, especially if the customer’s information in this area is scant, which allows some to use that to increase prices on him, as the application is achieved thanks to the competitiveness it creates. Among the companies registered in it, the customer has added value, and it allows him to choose the most suitable company with the best quality and price.

In addition, those in charge of “Repair” revealed that they are preparing to launch a virtual market through its platform that provides thousands of items and types of various equipment and spare parts, building materials, and other construction goods and contracting equipment, within weeks with delivery service.

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