Remove followers on Twitter without them knowing

Twitter is developing a new option that allows a user to remove certain followers from their audience without preventing them from following them again in the future.

It is currently possible to remove certain followers from your audience by blocking them first, which removes them from the following group. And then unblocking again, essentially removing them without making that action public.

But it seems that the platform is looking for an option to simplify this task and make it a chain like removing a follower.

App researcher Alessandro Palozzi posted several screenshots of the option under development. The new option enables you to remove followers, which prevents them from seeing your Tweets. That’s though they can still search for you and your Tweets in the app, and follow you back if they choose.

remove followers

Based on these initial examples, it appears that users will be able to use the option to remove followers from the main Tweet feed and directly from a specific user account, with the new “remove this follower” option displayed in the three-dot tweet list.

As noted, there are times when you may want to remove someone from your list. But you may not want to block it. As a result, this may be a less confrontational way to avoid them and prevent them from seeing your future tweets.

They may not even notice, and you can continue without them interacting with you in the future. And if they notice they’ve been removed, you can blame a bug within the platform, which reduces potential inconvenience when they find out.


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