Regulatory procedures for cycling travelers across the King Fahd Causeway

The King Fahd Causeway Authority confirmed that it had recently submitted to the relevant authorities in the two kingdoms to reconsider the issue of preventing the crossing of bicycles, and after several meetings of the regulatory authorities, the crossing was permitted according to specific regulatory procedures that have been announced.

The Foundation said in a statement: An indication of what was published in your newspaper “Al-Watan” on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, under the title (The Administrative Court is victorious for travelers to Bahrain by bicycle), And it was circulated during the last period in various media outlets regarding the circulation of a ruling issued by the Administrative Court in Dammam for the benefit of a citizen, including the cancellation of the decision to prevent the King Fahd Bridge Public Corporation banning the crossing of motorcycles across the bridge, so the Foundation would like to clarify to its customers some developments:

First: The ruling was a first instance judgment and the appeal was to the competent court of appeals, whose verdict ended up canceling the judgment of the first instance court in this regard.

Second: The prohibition was not by the Foundation in originality, but rather in implementation of previous administrative and organizational decisions issued by the security authorities of the government of the two kingdoms related to the procedures and precautions related to the safety of those crossing the King Fahd Causeway.

Third: The Foundation recently submitted it to the relevant authorities in the two kingdoms to reconsider the ban, and after several meetings from the regulatory authorities, the transit was allowed according to specific regulatory procedures that were announced at the time. The Foundation wishes to make clear to all its customers crossing the King Fahd Bridge its keenness on their safety and the application of regulations and precautions related to crossing the King Fahd Bridge.


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