Registration in the collective singing band initiative

The Music Authority announced the opening of the registration door for the “National Group for Collective Singing” to those who wish to Saudi male and female singers, through the electronic platform ( During the period from April 7 to next May 30.

The initiative of the “National Band for Collective Singing” is one of the initiatives provided by the Music Authority to develop the music sector in the Kingdom, through the formation of a professional national singing group that participates in music forums locally and internationally. Its members have high performance and singing skills, and they organize in harmony and harmony to form a voice. One special.

The commission has set conditions for joining the band, including that the applicant must be from 18 years old and over, and that he be of Saudi nationality, in addition to having experience in singing, being able to sing the main oriental musical shrines, and collective singing in a musical group, with the need to submit a two-minute video clip With excellent quality and clear sound, the applicant performs in a solo style and without the use of sound enhancers in studio or otherwise.

The Music Authority aims, through the initiative of the “National Band for Collective Singing”, to establish a national singing group based on scientific foundations, and to represent the Kingdom in regional and international music forums, with the support and empowerment of Saudi talents and the development of their singing performance.


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