“Register with Zain”… gives Doha Al-Huwaidi a BMW 420i coupe

Zain Telecom concluded its interactive marketing campaign “Sign up with Zain”, which saw Duha Rashid Al-Huwaidi winning the grand prize, a BMW 420i coupe, and crowning dozens of customers with weekly cash prizes and valuable smart devices.

The company conducted a draw for the grand prize directly on the air on Radio 360 FM, during the “Diwaniya Al-Yaqout and Al-Ansari” program, in the presence and supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. for the listeners.

The “Register with Zain” campaign is one of the largest interactive campaigns that the company launches periodically exclusively for its customers, as part of its constant efforts to provide the latest and latest innovative solutions in the field of value-added services, where the company is keen to provide the best and most advanced services to its customers, as they are the largest subscriber family in Kuwait. .

The campaign provided special daily content via SMS messages, which tested the subscribers’ general information, for a chance to win a weekly cash prize and valuable smart devices, in addition to the grand prize, a BMW 420i coupe.

Zain stated that it is constantly working on developing all its services to continue its efforts towards offering the latest and most advanced solutions, to maintain the position it has reached in the Kuwaiti market, stressing that it has always promised to provide practical solutions to the lifestyle of its customers, whether on the personal or practical levels.

The company indicated that it is keen to provide the most distinguished services to fulfill its promises to its subscribers, to provide the best services and offers in a way that enhances its leadership position in the telecommunications sector, and to ensure the provision of the highest quality of services, the best promotions, and the best telecommunications experience, reflecting its leadership in the Kuwaiti market.

Zain confirmed that it constantly launches distinctive marketing campaigns to renew its direct relationship with its customers, and that it will remain keen to provide the best offers and the latest technologies to its customer base, which is the largest in Kuwait, in line with their requirements and needs.

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