Referring the Mecca victim to Social Security and disbursing 1,000 riyals as a subsidy

Al-Watan learned from informed sources that the team in charge of the Protection House in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region has opened an extensive investigation, to study the case of the battered girl who is in the shelter, and her condition has been monitored from the communication sites, to make sure of all the matters that she was exposed to, study her health and psychological condition, and work To prepare them positively until the end of the crisis, and to refer the parties concerned in the violence to the legal authorities, to take the necessary action. The sources indicated that she will be referred to Social Security, to find out her economic condition, and in the event that she remains in the home, a monthly allowance of no less than 1000 riyals will be paid to her.

Human protection

A member of the Human Rights Association, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sahli, affirmed that the concerned authorities are doing their role to preserve and protect the rights of everyone, and this matter indicates the wise leadership’s keenness to provide a suitable environment for everyone inside this country, noting that the girl’s condition is part of something unacceptable in Islam and is rejected Socially, but such issues will be doomed to disappear, due to societal awareness of the importance of human rights, and the regulations that the state undertakes to open all means of communication, to do justice to everyone, and this matter everyone has started resorting to in the event of any emergency.

Direct case

The Domestic Violence Reports Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, explained that the case of the girl who was subjected to violence by her family in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region has been directly reported.

The center said that the necessary protection has been provided for the girl, and regular measures are being taken with the perpetrator in accordance with the system of protection from harm, as she was directed to the Family Protection Unit in the region, to take the necessary in coordination with the competent authorities.

– Directly the case of the girl

– Make sure of all the things that have been exposed to.

Study her health and psychological state and work on preparing her positively.

Refer the parties involved in violence to legal authorities, to take the necessary action

– To refer her to Social Security, to know her economic condition.

– In the event that she remains at the home, a monthly allowance of not less than 1000 riyals will be paid to her.


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