Reducing the period of home ownership from 45 to 5 working days

The Real Estate Development Fund application and platform of the real estate advisor reduced the beneficiaries’ journey to owning houses from 45 days to 5 working days, and it also registered service of more than one million users, since its launch in September 2018 until the end of last year 2020, while the number of financing and housing recommendations issued by the platform exceeded more Out of 820 thousand recommendations for beneficiaries of the “Sakani” program and the Real Estate Development Fund

The General Supervisor of the Real Estate Development Fund, Mansour bin Madi, explained that the application and platform of the real estate advisor is working to connect the beneficiaries of Saudi families and government agencies in the housing system with more than 18 financing agencies from banks and financing companies within easy interactive electronic procedures, which enabled more than 288 thousand A family of access to adequate housing.

He stated that the “real estate consultant” application reduced the journey of beneficiaries of Saudi families to own their homes from 45 days to 5 working days, as part of a high-precision electronic process in data and credit analysis of the beneficiary’s situation to provide the best 5 financing and housing recommendations that enable the family to own the house, indicating that “the advisor Real Estate »issued more than 820 thousand certificates of recommendation to beneficiaries, including 293 thousand to beneficiaries who visited the financing agencies to benefit from the subsidized mortgage.

He indicated that the service was provided with the aim of enriching the citizen’s experience through the journey of obtaining a real estate loan within the integrated options of financing solutions supported by the Real Estate Fund, with the aim of increasing the percentage of Saudi households’ ownership of housing to 70% by 2030.

Bin Madi emphasized the fund’s strategy in providing its services electronically with ease and ease, within a package of more than 43 electronic services, in addition to the “real estate consultant” service on the electronic portal of the fund that recorded more than 6 million visits and more than 246 thousand downloads of the application On smart devices from September 2018 until the end of 2020,

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