Recruitment offices are calling for early coordination and the abolition of fines

Recruitment offices said: The decision to resume the recruitment of domestic workers starting from October 7 is not appropriate at the current stage because most countries continue to prevent their workers from traveling due to Corona, calling for the need to cancel the delay fine, taking into account the current circumstances beyond control.

They asked: What is the benefit of resuming recruitment at a time when countries stopped sending their workers, and why did the Ministry of Human Resources not coordinate with the labor-exporting countries to eliminate the uncertainty in front of the offices until they began to receive clients’ requests without looming disagreements.

Ibrahim Al-Majed, owner of a recruitment office, confirmed that the decision to resume recruitment is linked to the precautionary measures taken by the countries of origin of domestic workers, explaining that some countries have stopped sending their workers due to the spread of the virus, and in the event that the worker’s arrival is delayed due to the precautionary measures of the exporting country, there are two options for the client, either terminate the contract and recover the full amount Without any fines because the delay is beyond the control of the office, or waiting until the precautionary measures are eased and the workers are sent from those countries, and this does not comply with the controls that came in the decision, with a fine of 15% in the event of a delay of 4 months, and a fine of 20% when delaying more than 150 days. He pointed out that the current period is exceptional and therefore this matter must be taken into consideration, expected to continue until the middle of next year, according to WHO reports.

Hussein Al-Harithi, the owner of a recruitment office, asked about how to recruit, with precautionary measures in place in most countries that export domestic workers in addition to isolating some areas, and indicated that according to the decision, in the event that the office delays the recruitment of the worker within a period of 120 days, the contract is extended for 30 days with a delay fine By 15% of the contract value, and he indicated that it was important to conduct a comprehensive survey to monitor the situation at the state level, especially since the Kingdom brings in labor from 22 countries, most of them from Africa and Asia. This comes as the total number of recruitment offices and companies is about 1500 offices and companies after dozens of companies have left the market, which has witnessed many changes in the recent period, and among the most prominent challenges are the increase in costs and the change of measures in place from time to time and the training of workers on customs and traditions in the Kingdom to ensure job stability

The Ministry of Human Resources issued a decision to resume work with contracts to mediate the recruitment of electronic domestic workers, provided that the recruitment period for new contracts is 120 days, and in the event that the licensee delays the recruitment of the domestic worker within a period of (120) days, the contract is automatically extended for a period of (30) An additional day, along with imposing a delay fine of (15%) of the contract value as compensation for his failure to comply with the arrival of the domestic worker within the estimated recruitment period,

In the event that the domestic worker does not arrive after the end of the extension period of (150) days, then the contract is considered null, and the licensee is obligated to return the value of the contract to the customer with a delay fine of (20%) of the contract value.

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