Record number for Angelina’s publications

American Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie, has set a record on the application (Instagram) for social networking.

Jolie officially became the fastest user to reach one million followers, thanks to her first post on the photo and video platform after joining it last Friday, a message she received from an Afghan girl.

Jolie’s first post was an image of an emotional message she received from a girl in Afghanistan who is currently facing Taliban rule.

According to the British newspaper (Evening Standard), Angelina Jolie, 46, broke the record for the fastest growth to one million followers, when she achieved this feat in just 3 hours.

The record for the fastest growth in followers on (Instagram) was for one of the heroes of the “Harry Potter” series, Rupert Grint, who gained one million followers in 4 hours and one minute after he first appeared on the social networking platform last November.

Grint had defeated David Attenborough, who broke the record of American actress Jennifer Aniston, by four hours and 44 minutes, when he joined the application last September.

Jennifer Aniston held the record for about a year before David Attenborough ruled it.


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