Real estate greed on the stage of Al-Ahsa arts

Comedy theatrical scenes were presented yesterday, on the stage of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts branch in Al-Ahsa, the greed of some real estate dealers, as well as the greed of some real estate developers and real estate finances, and their cause to raise the retail prices (piece) in the new, “upgraded” housing schemes. At the same time, these scenes shed light on the conglomeration of some real estate developers and developers in purchasing large “undeveloped” real estate contributions at cheap prices, developing them and selling them in retail (by piece) at prices that exceed their purchase price exponentially.

Money laundering

The play, titled: “Takh Tikh,” composed by Abdullah Al-Fuhaid and directed by Ali Al-Shuwaifai, dealt with some social problems that usually accompany greed in buying and selling from merchants, among them: the merchant’s miserliness in spending on his family, loss of social responsibility, Social solidarity within the same society, division, enmity and hatred among members of society. The play also discussed the involvement of activists in electronic social media with “money laundering” issues by participating with organized gangs as a means of concealing their crimes and passing the exorbitant sums of money that these gangs obtained through these activities. In social communication

Kidnapping and ransom demands

The play, whose roles were represented by: Abdullah Al-Fuhaid, Abdul-Moneim Al-Ghazal, Abdul-Rahman Al-Dosari, Arwa, Yasser Al-Khawaja, Adel Al-Shawi, Ahmed Al-Shehab, some children deny their fathers for money and wealth at the expense of their fathers’ lives, kidnapping issues and demands for ransom with high sums of money The events of the play, which lasted for 75 continuous minutes, took place in a man, led by fate, to become wealthy and money by chance, and a gang kidnapped him for the purpose of obtaining a ransom, as this rich discovers that the gang that kidnapped him has more humanity than His sons who coveted money and did not care about his life.


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