Real Estate Authority: Rationalize spending to build government facilities on state land

Ihssan Bafakih, governor of the General Authority for State Real Estate, said that the authority promotes new thinking and is keen to build government facilities on state land by rationalizing spending. He stressed the importance of reducing the increase in unnecessary areas and using value engineering to increase the added value of land and buildings, noting that the authority focuses on building sustainable government buildings in line with the goals of Vision 2030.

This came on the sidelines of the signing of a joint memorandum of cooperation between the Board of Grievances and the General Authority for State Real Estate.

The State Real Estate General Authority said that the updates to the expropriation system for the public benefit consisted in reducing the period of property expropriation procedures to a year, including procedures for property dispute, evaluation and disbursement of its dues.

The Ahkam platform handled more than 65,000 real estate ownership requests, including 30,000 transactions with full controls and conditions, while it received more than two million visitors within days, and more than one hundred thousand citizens and their citizens registered.

The reforms in the real estate sector recently included the “Ijar” program to regulate the residential and commercial rental sector, owners ’associations to regulate the relationship between owners of jointly owned real estate units, the“ Wafi ”program to regulate off-plan sales and leasing practices, as well as“ sorting units ”and“ sustainable building ”.

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