Reading to meet the Crown Prince in a symposium in Literary Abha

Last Friday, the Abha Literary Club concluded the programs of the fourth phase of the “Culture to Your Home” initiative with a seminar entitled “Vision 2030 … Achievement and Ambition: A Reading in the Meeting of the Crown Prince”, in which Dr. Hammoud Abu Talib and Dr. Muhammad Al Abbas participated. It was moderated by Dr. Ahmed Al Marea, and it was broadcasted via the “Zoom” app and the club’s YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the symposium, “Al Marea” welcomed the two guests and attendees, stressing the importance of meeting His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince. He said: This evening’s meeting is a worthy gathering because it comes on the sidelines of a meeting that took place a few nights ago with the Crown Prince and “godfather of Vision 2030” and its trustee and trustee. An exceptional and unique meeting for His Highness, not like the usual political meetings, but more like a “statement of account” .. a meeting that happened with all the meanings, so the literary club of Abha was keen to read and read this meeting with the two guests.

Abu Talib talked about the meeting of the Crown Prince, describing it as a global event with many implications and worth highlighting, then he added: From the beginning of what could be called “Vision 2030” or “the new Saudi Arabia”, there is a fundamental change in the state’s discourse, It is characterized by clarity, frankness and openness, a speech that respects the mind, awareness and aspirations of the citizen, and with this speech the Crown Prince – in his meeting – clarifies this new trend in the state’s communication with the citizen as it is the main partner in the success of the vision. “Abu Talib” explained, in his speech, that the Crown Prince’s speech was drawing the state’s policies, both externally and internally.

Then the conversation moved to Dr. Muhammad Al Abbas, who said: We have not seen such a dialogue in economic and strategic dialogues, even at all levels. It is rare for you to come in the midst of the strategic plan and give a complete account statement for every small and large. He added: The dialogue describes the passion that the Crown Prince talked about, then he added: The stages that Saudi Arabia went through, since its inception at the hands of the founder – may God have mercy on him, witnessed important historical periods and junctures, and after major global events a transformation had to happen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And it is being fully fortified and constructed to reduce the challenges it faces and the ambitions in its capabilities, then came the stage of economic construction, the emergence of oil and the transformations it has witnessed, and the integration of the Saudi society in the global movement completely without compromising its identity.

After that, “Al Abbas” spoke about the economic transformations in the previous periods of rule until the reign of King Salman, and the declaration of the vision by the Crown Prince, as it is a major transformation led by youth and digital transformation, which is an urgent need to rethink planning for the country with the introduction of concepts of governance such as control. Combating corruption, and to integrate all of them into a clear strategic plan, and this is what His Highness the Crown Prince expressed as “centralization of the state.” At the end of the symposium, “Al Marea” received the interventions and discussions about its title.


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