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The few words, taken from his last refrain, would almost suffice to sum up his creed: “Even if I’m in pain, my mind is calm as the waves / I’m not afraid of a shipwreck, my master walks on water. » In this month of February 2022, minds are still deeply marked by the Sauvé report when Gab, a young 24-year-old rapper, chooses to take up the delicate subject of sexual abuse in the Church. Imagined with the singer Pauline Bétuel, the poignant text and the hovering air of the single Adrift form, for him, an essential step: “I needed to put strong words on the anger that drives us but also to show the light, the one we know and which is so beautiful! »

Born into a Catholic Bordeaux family, Gabriel de la Bretesche, his real name, rediscovered the faith as a teenager and has never ceased to deepen it ever since. “I am a lover of spirituality”, he confides. This desire to assume one’s way of being in a world “suspicious, sometimes hostile”, inspires him with a first composition, which he records discreetly in his room but which immediately seduces his close friends. His musical experience then boils down to a few years of drum and guitar lessons and a group of college students who, he explains with a laugh, “sometimes took Orelsan but more often praise”. His taste for writing has always been anchored.

While he is going through a vocational crisis, after two field internships in the Congo and then in Cambodia, the student in agro-development takes refuge in things “simple and natural”, of which music is a part. In 2019, a moment of intense prayer will call him to dedicate his life to it. Rap has the power to express the emotions that faith needs. And faith brings the dose of hope that rap lacks! », he lets go today, as evidence.

The future “little Gab”, as he likes to be called, therefore integrates the Pierre school, in Lyon, whose specialized training and creative energy give him the best foundations to launch his career, starting with a first album. The eight titles of Off-sideself-produced thanks to his partner and friend Timothée, eager to encourage this work “which clearly stands out”reveal everything that drives him: the desire to share “freely” all his spiritual questions and to defend his convictions, such as that of restoring authenticity to human relationships.

With his sharp verb and his neat identity, the artist wants to reach the general public and seeks to get rid of the status of “Catholic rapper”. “But if, by ‘evangelizing’, we mean putting a little light and hope back into the lives of others, then I want people to consider my music as a tool! » If the health crisis has delayed his stage debut, Gab now performs in high schools, a few cafes and concert halls, works for colleagues and trains the youngest in his world. His next homemade album, due by the end of 2022, is a “Exile story to freedom” inspired by the Bible and by his own way of life.


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