«Qualitynet» has become «solutions by stc»

– Mazyed Al-Harbi: We are keen to contribute effectively to the world of communications, in line with Vision 2035

We seek to maintain our leadership position and provide solutions and develop them with the highest international standards

Muhammad Al-Nisf: We are ready to redefine the business sector experience with specialized capabilities and solutions

Kuwait Telecom Company, “stc”, the new brand of its subsidiary, “Qualitynet”, has launched “solutions by stc”, its arm specialized in providing integrated business sector solutions under one roof for the first time ever.

The current strategy of “stc” “AHEAD” is to enhance the service of the business sector, by providing distinguished communications solutions in cooperation with its strategic partners and our associate and subsidiary companies specialized and with extensive experience in the sector.

Continuous updating of Huawei applications

The CEO of “stc”, Eng. Mazyad Al-Harbi, said that this step comes within the framework of the journey to enhance the solutions provided by “stc”, as the year 2019 witnessed the completion of the complete acquisition of “Qualitynet” that was established in 1998, which in turn is one of the deals. The historical process of the company, in order to combine the strengths of two strong companies, in order to pave the way to enable individual and corporate customers to achieve their desired goals.

He added that “Qualitynet” is the leading provider of Internet services, data services, institutions, and information and communication technology solutions in Kuwait, in addition to having a sustainable vision that enables customers with a future vision and global capabilities.

Al-Harbi pointed out that the steps taken by stc towards enabling digital transformation to enhance its strategic role in supporting business come in line with Kuwait’s Vision 2035, which aims to transform Kuwait into a global financial and commercial center.

He stressed that “stc” is aware of its role in achieving an effective contribution to the world of telecommunications, and that it strives to help achieve this vision by various possible means.

“With a future outlook, we strive to maintain our leading position in providing communications and information technology solutions in accordance with the highest international standards and practices, and we will continue to provide innovative solutions that contribute to addressing the challenges facing business, as innovation is our source of strength.”

He continued, “Out of our belief in our vital role in this sector, we will exploit our strengths and provide customized solutions in record time that allow our customers to achieve the desired return on investment.”

Redefining the connectivity experience and business solutions

For his part, CEO of “solutions by stc”, Muhammad Nizar Al-Nisf, said, “Everything is ready to redefine the experience of fixed and mobile communication services with unlimited possibilities and customized services.”

He added that the in-depth understanding of customer needs has enabled the company to be a regional leader, by providing comprehensive communication services locally and regionally, and information technology solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

He expressed his pride in the company’s multiple capabilities in empowering business owners at the local and regional levels, indicating that it will spare no effort to provide appropriate solutions that serve various business sectors, and to rely on using the capabilities of associates and subsidiaries in addition to the group’s capabilities.

Al-Nisf added that this step comes within the framework of the comprehensive “solutions by stc” plan, to provide communication solutions and world-class IT solutions under one roof, paving the way for the digital transformation of the business scene.

Al-Nisf stated that the services include solutions related to the field of communication, fixed and mobile services, or “5G” wireless, as well as “5G” technology, information and communication technology, the Internet of things and the latest information technology services and products.

Al-Nisf stated that, through the acquisition of Qualitynet by “stc”, it gathered the best human cadres supported by the best systems and the latest communication technology, to provide unparalleled solutions, indicating that it was able to rapidly progress from being a mere fixed internet service provider to becoming a leading company in The fields of information technology, communications and the Internet of things.

Extensive experience

“Stc” stated that it led the market in light of the vast experience it gained, along with the expertise of its subsidiaries and associate companies, with a focus on continuous innovation, quality and enhancing the capabilities of manpower, by providing qualification and continuous training as part of its efforts to develop human resources.

The dynamic business model enabled stc to provide pioneering solutions that influenced the market, and led to steadily confronting the status quo and moving forward in new directions towards development.

The solutions provided by “stc solutions by” contributed to the expansion of its geographical presence in Kuwait and Iraq as a regional center for business.

Through the acquisition, “solutions by stc”, formerly known as “Qualitynet”, has now become an important component and a specialized sector to serve companies within multiple sectors in Kuwait, which strengthens the company’s position as the first choice in providing integrated solutions to serve entrepreneurs.

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