Prolonged stress causes health problems and a breakdown in the body

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Ahmed Al-Naami revealed 10 health problems resulting from the persistence of tension for a long period of time, as the body begins to collapse as a result of excessive pressure, indicating that it is one of the most disturbing diseases in humans.

Health problems

Al-Naimi revealed that stress may cause some digestive problems, including stomach upset, nausea, heartburn and gas. It often affects digestion by reducing the production of stomach acids, changing the speed of food transport through the body, and also affecting the change in appetite, the stress hormone “cortisol” »It is associated with the desire to eat sugar or fat, which leads to overeating, and the ability to sleep is often negatively affected when feeling stressed.

Low energy

He also added, stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol lead to changes in the blood vessels, which can cause tension headaches or migraines, either during the stress period or in the period after that.

He said: Feeling fatigue, low energy and fatigue, it is one of the common symptoms of long-term stress, when the mind is exposed to stress, it begins to work overtime, which causes a feeling of extreme fatigue over time, explaining that stress increases heart rate, blood pressure in addition to weak immunity, Thus the possibility of rapid infection with diseases.

Psychological and behavioral effects

The specialist in cyber psychology, Dr. Yusef Al-Salami, explained that tension results from problems of daily life and psychological stress, causing a number of psychological, behavioral and social effects, which require intervention and treatment to remove or reduce them, so that the individual can once again enjoy harmony, adaptation and a sense of mental health.

Among the psychological symptoms that indicate the presence of tension are irritability and bad mood, a tendency to introversion and loneliness, as a result of over-thinking, trying to escape from reality and a negative view of things, lack of focus, forgetfulness and distraction, inability to make decisions, confrontation and low self-esteem.

As for the behavioral symptoms of stress, they are external manifestations of behavior, such as nail-biting, hair-pulling, excessive smoking, postponing work and procrastination, and lack of interest in external appearance.

The social symptoms are avoidance of responsibility, reluctance to work, low productivity, weak social relations, academic delay, difficulty in accepting change in the daily system, lack of a sense of initiative and social acceptance.

Methods of confrontation

Doing sports and enjoyable hobbies in order to avoid getting absorbed in negative thinking

Knowing the health, psychological, behavioral and social stress symptoms

– Time management between work, sleep, rest and family contact

Seek help from a psychologist and visit a psychiatric clinic

Not leaving a chance for loneliness and negative thoughts dominating

Confronting anxiety with sufficient awareness and insight


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