Program for Creators in the Clubhouse

Alpha Exploration co-founder and CEO Paul Davison announced the clubhouse’s first content maker program.

Clubhouse Creator First helps aspiring and creative hosts across the platform build their audiences, connect with brands and, perhaps most importantly, monetize their offerings.

The program accepts up to 20 content creators and aims to support and provide them with the resources they need, and Clubhouse is receiving applications until March 31.

Interested users can join the program, which requests some personal data, as well as the type of content you create, and the creators must also submit a 3-minute audio form for a presentation reviewed by the Clubhouse team.

The app celebrates its first anniversary on March 17, and its success among the venture capital crowd in Silicon Valley in particular has led to the emergence of many similar audio apps from larger competitors, including Twitter Spaces, which was announced late last year. , And a similar audio app believed to be coming from Facebook.


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