Problemos, Eric Judor’s premonitory comedy with Blanche Gardin, is given a new life on Netflix

The arrival on September 10 of the film on the platform brings to light this film which is both absurd and visionary, since it foresaw the arrival of a pandemic.

It is time to right an injustice. Will give Problemos by Eric Judor the popular success he deserves. Released in May 2017, the film had barely reached the 200,000 admissions mark when it was released in cinemas, but had generally enthusiastic critics. Since then, continuous word of mouth has given it another status, if not cult, at least underestimated in relation to its qualities. The arrival on the American platform should undoubtedly give a new spotlight and breathe new life into this comedy passed under the radar.

Problemosis the story of Victor and his wife Jeanne, who stop in Ardèche to see their friend Jean-Paul. The latter lives in an area to be defended (ZAD). The discovery of this new way of life will at the very least destabilize Victor, a living cliché of the ultra-connected city. Puzzled, he still decides to stay a few days. It was at this time that a pandemic wiped out the entire world population. The inhabitants of the ZAD thus find themselves the only inhabitants of the planet, free to redefine a new civilization as they see fit.

A comedy between absurd and satire

On a screenplay by Blanche Gardin and Noé Debré, Éric Judor deploys all the facets of his humor already glimpsed on The infernal Montparnasse Tower or the series Plane tree. A comedy where absurdity and irony mingle with our contemporary quirks, carried by dialogues and impeccable actors. Besides Éric Judor and Blanche Gardin, we think of Youssef Hadji, Bun Hay Mean, Dorothée Pousséo, and the all too rare Marc Fraize.

Four years after its release, this crazy fiction has partly caught up with reality. A haven of peace far from civilization, the fate of the ZAD changes with the arrival of a pandemic. The film thus explores the evolution of social relations following this cataclysm, at the same time as it satirizes the ZADs and more generally alternative and environmental circles. You know those who only see dead trees in Christmas trees or those who consider the Tour de France too polluting.
The Judo comedy is in any case the race in front. It went straight to the top 10 most viewed movies on Netflix right now.


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