Prizes for PUBG players and Anghami listeners

PUBG Mobile fans have the opportunity to benefit from a partnership with Anghami, the leading music broadcasting and digital distribution platform in the Arab world, through an exciting in-game event that will take place between September 30 and October 7, 2021.

Anghami will provide PUBG Mobile fans with Anghami codes that can be spent on Anghami Plus subscriptions for up to one year, and users of the Anghami app will also be able to win prizes and enjoy two special lists of (PUBG) Mobile players.

(PUBG) Mobile has hosted many events of a musical nature, and cooperated with artists such as Noor Stars, (WEGZ), Sharmoofers, Massar Egbari and Marwan Moussa, to provide exciting entertainment content for game fans and strengthen links between gaming and music communities, and also launched the summer festival with the title “PUBG Mobile.” “Summer Fun Fair” for this year, which presented a series of exciting and exclusive in-game events in cooperation with Anghami, including concerts by a number of the most important musicians such as (Jara), (Abboud Star) and (Zena Emad) for fans.

As part of the event, (PUBG) Mobile players will be on a date with a range of rewards and benefits, including a number of Anghami Plus subscriptions, which players can obtain by pressing the gift button to open the events page and earn Anghami Plus subscriptions.


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