Presidential 2022: secularism prevails in the debate of the Greens

For the five candidates for the environmentalist primary, the subject is not debated. Nor does it require a review of the law. Secularism nevertheless prevailed during the first of three media confrontations between the contenders for the green label for the 2022 presidential election, organized on Sunday September 5 by France Inter, France TV and The world.

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In fact, the nearly twenty minutes devoted to it owe less to the dissensions between Delphine Batho, Jean-Marc Governatori, Yannick Jadot, Eric Piolle and Sandrine Rousseau, than to the will of the hosts to remove potential ambiguities. “What is debated, on the left, is the vision of some of you on the Republic, its universalism, presented Carine Bécard (France Inter). For some, does the defense of minorities not call this model into question? “

Agreement on current law

“You who are a feminist, is there not a problem in our country with the rights of women? “, continued Nathalie Saint-Cricq (France TV), at the address of Sandrine Rousseau, who assumes a “Rupture speech” concerning, pell-mell, “Precarious populations, racialized people, the patriarchal system and police violence”. “I have no doubt that the veil is sexist”, swept aside the economist, considering that in the matter “The main thing is to reduce inequalities so that, when these women want [le] withdraw, they can count on the support of public services to do so ”. Against the ban, the academic defended the drafting of the 1905 law, which “Solves the problem”.

“The law on secularism is a jewel of the Republic, added Yannick Jadot. She poses (…) an extremely strong principle: no one can force you to believe or not to believe. So no one can force you to dress against your will. This is what we absolutely must respect. “ Equally defender of current law, Éric Piolle nevertheless warned against his interpretations “Unhealthy” and its use “As a vector of discrimination”.

Jean-Marc Governatori, the only one to defend a “measured exercise of the right to blasphemy”

If there was any discord, she owes everything to Jean-Marc Governatori, concerned about a ” measured exercise of the right to blasphemy “. The Niçois rebuked a speech delivered in September 2020 by Emmanuel Macron, in which the head of state defended the republication of the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo. “The president is there to appease, not to excite, denounced the co-president of Cap Écologie. To protect, not to endanger. The fact is, that in France, there are madmen of God, and that we cannot put police everywhere. When the president of a great secular country, like ours, makes a big speech in Beirut to say “go blaspheme”, I do not accept it. “

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A criticism that the other four candidates were careful to disapprove of. “The right to blasphemy has played a very considerable role in our history, and in particular in our emancipation from the church., responded Sandrine Rousseau. There is not even debate, no ambiguity. “ Éric Piolle confirmed the consensus: “It’s just the law in France: blasphemy is legal. What is an offense is attacks, discrimination against people in the name of a religion. ““These debates will probably be very present in the presidential campaign, on CNews and elsewhere, finally warned Yannick Jadot. The Republic, secularism, citizenship, democracy are not a dead language, (…) but a permanent conquest. “


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