Presidential 2022: far from 500 sponsorships, Taubira, Zemmour and Le Pen are worried

Less than two months before the first round of the presidential election, several candidates are still far from having gathered the 500 sponsorships of essential elected officials. They have until March 4 to reach this threshold, otherwise they will not be able to participate in the election. A situation which worries in particular Éric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen and Christiane Taubira, bringing together respectively 250, 331 and 73 signatures only according to the last count, published Tuesday February 15 by the Constitutional Council.

Dropped by the Radical Left Party on Monday February 14, Christiane Taubira lost support but also a potential breeding ground for sponsorship. The left-wing candidate, worried about seeing her participation in the Élysée race compromised, sent a letter to the mayors of France on Wednesday February 16 asking them to sponsor her on behalf of the “democratic debate”.

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“As you know, collecting 500 signatures is, more than ever, difficult for many candidates”, writes Christiane Taubira in her letter. She fears that the democratic debate will be “cut off from the word of a free stateswoman of the parties” if she failed to gather the necessary sponsorships. “You hold the key to the democratic debate for the presidential election. I count on you “.

Éric Zemmour cancels a trip

the Taubira collective for 2022! planned to demonstrate this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in front of the Constitutional Council to challenge him on a supposed blocking of sponsorships. Questioned by Franceinfo, Christian Paul, in charge of Christiane Taubira’s project, affirms that the campaign team will redouble their energy to seek signatures “with the teeth”.“I did not mourn this election”proclaims the candidate.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Éric Zemmour, who has only 250 sponsorships, has announced that he is postponing his trip to Reunion scheduled for the end of February to focus on the search for signatures. “We have 500 promises but we will have to encourage the mayors one by one to send their sponsorships and there are only 15 days left”explains the team of the far-right candidate in a press release.

Asked by Opinion this Wednesday, the spokesperson for the campaign of the former polemicist Guillaume Peltier insists on the “need for a democratic and fair debate”. “There is extraordinary work done by our teams, it’s really fantastic and from scratch since Éric Zemmour had no party formed”he assures, judging that he would not be ” illogical “ that he can’t show up.

The “serious concerns” of Marine Le Pen

Not participating in the presidential election also worries Marine Le Pen. With 331 sponsorships, she says to herself “very worried about obtaining” of his signatures. “I will probably have to appeal directly to the mayors because I have the deepest concerns”, she said during a trip to Aisne. At the beginning of January on BFMTV, the candidate of the National Rally already recalled her great difficulties in obtaining them. “We are struggling. Like many candidates, we are having a hard time because the system is totally jammed”.

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In 2017, the first election where sponsorships were no longer anonymized, Marine Le Pen had already had difficulty in gathering the necessary signatures. The candidate had only obtained her 500 sponsorships on March 10, barely a week before the closing date.


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