Prescription instrument of patentability of analgesics

Some people who frequently take painkillers, even if they are on a prescription, are surprised by the appearance of positive results for drugs upon requesting any analysis from them, and therefore if the person is accused of drug use, lawyer Muhammad Al-Zahim explained that this can be denied with a prescription issued by the doctor and the supervisory authority approved on his condition.

He pointed out that the person who uses it for the purpose of addiction is held accountable in the event that this narcotic substance is present in the blood, without having a health condition that requires taking it, as he is accused of drug abuse.


Osama Madkhali, assistant professor of pharmacology and biotechnology at Jazan University, indicated that these medicines, which fall under the group of opioid painkillers, contain narcotic substances, in addition to acetaminophen in some of them, which are medicines used as analgesics for moderate and severe pain. The most prominent and most famous of these drugs is tramadol, which is widely used. In America alone, more than 40 million prescriptions were issued for this drug in 2017.

He stressed that there are many health disadvantages associated with this drug, most notably addiction in addition to feeling dizzy and nauseous, and it can also cause long-term liver damage. Therefore, the World Health Organization warned against the bad use of this drug, and indicated that it has an addiction stimulus similar to other, more powerful and effective drugs from this group.


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