Preparation and development of 62 legislations to strengthen the commercial system

During the past five years, the Ministry of Commerce has worked on preparing and developing 62 regulatory and enabling legislation for the commercial sector. This came after a thorough and comprehensive study of the laws, regulations and regulations related to commercial issues, in partnership with relevant international organizations, the private sector, specialists and all interested parties, in order to achieve the principle of transparency and participation in accordance with the best international practices and legislation.

Al-Tijaria has been keen on carrying out a comprehensive restructuring of commercial laws, regulations and regulations in order to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in line with the Kingdom’s economic position and its influence on global markets, with the aim of providing an attractive and fair investment environment that ensures the flow of value-added investments, guarantees the rights of investors and contributes to advancing the national economy.

The list of legislations issued included the e-commerce system, the professional companies system, the franchise system, the chambers of commerce system, the movable money guarantee system, the accounting and auditing profession system, the bankruptcy system, and the anti-concealment system

The list of legislations currently being developed includes the commercial system, the companies system, the commercial registry system, the trade names system, and the consumer protection system.

It should be noted that the stages of implementing this legislation included studies to address the challenges facing the business sector and consumers, identifying opportunities and areas of growth that could be developed, studies of international best practices, workshops, and the opening of communication channels with government and private agencies and all interested parties.

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