Prada ends contract of a Chinese actress who gave up her two children

The “Prada” brand ended its cooperation with Chinese actress Sheng Shuang, after she gave up her two children born to a surrogate mother following her separation from her partner. “Prada” stated that it “stopped all cooperative relations” with the actress who appeared in an advertising campaign for the global brand, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, without explaining the reason that prompted her to take this decision.

Cheng Shuang, known for her roles in the historical soap operas, is facing great criticism on social networks, after Chinese media revealed that she had abandoned her husband in the United States, with their two children born from a surrogate mother. The couple separated before the birth of their children due to the husband’s infidelity.

China has banned surrogacy since 2001, but well-off Chinese husbands sometimes pay large sums to women abroad to bear their children.

On Wednesday, the ruling Communist Party considered that the actress was “not absolutely innocent,” accusing her of exploiting a legal loophole to cover the costs of a pregnancy for the benefit of others abroad. Cheng emphasized that this issue is “very special and sad.” Her former partner, Zhang, confirmed through the “Weibo” social network that he had stayed for more than a year in the United States “to take care of the two innocent little souls.”

The case sparked a scandal on social media, with some users accusing the actress of being a “bad woman” while others blamed her ex-husband for ending the relationship.


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