Poultry Producers Committee: An abundance of local poultry covers the demand

The National Committee for Poultry Producers confirmed the existence of an abundance of poultry in the local markets, noting that the reasons for the recent increase in prices are the imported feed and shipped from outside the Kingdom during the last period.

The committee explained that this year is witnessing an increase in the local production of poultry that exceeds what was produced last year, as the self-sufficiency of poultry meat has grown to 68% during the past few years, which has enhanced food security and food safety, as a result of the great support the sector receives from the Ministry of Environment and Water Agriculture and related government agencies.

The National Committee for Poultry Producers reported that the stores running out of refrigerated poultry at the end of the day were due to an increase in demand and withdrawals by restaurants for chilled chicken, due to the similarity of its prices with frozen ones, knowing that the stores are fed periodically on the next day.

The committee confirmed the availability of poultry meat in the retail markets “hypermarkets and supplies” and central markets throughout the day, indicating that the rise in poultry prices is a natural result of the high prices of feed and shipping, as all local poultry feed inputs are imported, and are linked to international prices that have witnessed massive increases during two years, and recorded Shipping prices during that period increased by 190%, corn prices increased by 149% and soy prices increased by 104%.


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