Pope Francis to Iraqi emigrants: “If you can, come back”

Less than forty-eight hours after his return to Rome, Pope Francis returned at length, Wednesday March 10 during the Angelus, on his historic three-day trip to Iraq. And appealed to the Iraqis who left their countries, because of the multiple crises which strike it.

“Thinking of the many emigrated Iraqis, I would like to say to them: you left everything, like Abraham; like him, safeguard faith and hope, and be artisans of friendship and fraternity wherever you are. And if you can, come back! “, said François.

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During his trip, and in particular in the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Karakoch, Sunday March 7, Francis addressed the Christians who had chosen to stay in the country, against all odds, encouraging them to “Rebuild”.

On Wednesday, he said how much he had been struck by this trip, mentioning in particular “The bright faces of young people”, “The keen eyes of the elderly” who had “Waited for the Pope for 5 hours” on the side of the roads. “The Iraqi people have the right to live in peace, they have the right to regain the dignity which belongs to them”, he insisted.

“Who sells weapons to terrorists today? “

As he had done on his journey, he lamented the destruction by war of this country, which was the cradle of civilization. “War is always the monster which, over the ages, is transformed and continues to devour humanity. But the response to war is not another war, the response to arms is not other weapons. “ “And I was wondering: who sells the weapons to the terrorists? Who sells weapons to terrorists today?, he asked. This is a question I would like some to answer. “

“The answer is not war, but brotherhood”, continued the Pope, thus taking up one of the red threads of his journey. “Will we be able to form brotherhood among ourselves? To cultivate a culture of brothers or will we continue with the logic started by Cain, that of war? “


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