Pope Francis castigates the “martyrdom” of Ukraine

It is the Gospel of the prodigal son that the pope commented on during the Angelus on Sunday March 27, the fourth Sunday of Lent. A text otherwise referred to as “the parable of the two sons”, while Russia has engaged Ukraine in a fratricidal war…” This can also be our problem with God: losing sight of the fact that he is a father and living a distant religion, made up of prohibitions and duties, comments Francois. And the consequence of this distance is rigidity towards the neighbor, who no longer sees himself as a brother. »

“A barbaric and sacrilegious act”

The pope then reacted to the news by devoting his remarks entirely to the war in Ukraine, evoking “a barbaric and sacrilegious act” against one “Martyred Ukraine” : “For a month, this cruel and senseless war has been a defeat for all of us. We must reject this war where the powerful decide and the poor die”he continued. “We must deny war, a place of death where fathers and mothers bury their children, where men kill their brothers without even seeing them. »

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François then said he was devastated to learn that one in two children had had to leave their homes and had been displaced since the beginning of the conflict. A shocking reality not only for today but which burdened the future: “It means destroying the future, causing dramatic trauma to the smallest and most innocent among us. » The pope went on to tirelessly hammer his call to cease fire: “War is sacrilege and barbariche resumed, we must not get used to war. »

“The time has come to abolish war”

During an audience last Thursday, the pope also spoke out against military investment and was scandalized by NATO’s investment in armaments: “The real answer is not more weapons, more sanctions, more politico-military alliances, but a different approach”he protested then.

On Sunday, he again hammered home the responsibility of the international community: “We will all be guilty in the face of the danger of self-destruction, stop the war!” » And it was in barely veiled words that he evoked the escalation of the conflict and the risk of nuclear weapons: “Humanity must understand that the time has come to abolish war, to erase it from human history before it is war that erases man from history. »

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The Angelus ended with the greeting of the groups assembled in St. Peter’s Square and a very special mention to the participants in the Rome marathon, this Sunday, March 27.


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