Pope Francis appears in a wheelchair to an audience

Pope Francis, who is suffering from severe knee pain, appeared in a wheelchair for the first time in public on Thursday. The 85-year-old pope arrived at an audience in the Paul VI hall on a wheelchair pushed by one of his security personnel, journalists present at the scene noted.

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Surgical intervention

Smiling, the pope read his speech and answered questions as usual. On Tuesday, he announced that he had to undergo infiltrations to treat his painful right knee due to a damaged ligament, which recently forced him to cancel meetings scheduled on his agenda.

The pope announced on Tuesday that he would have to undergo “an intervention with infiltrations” to treat his painful right knee, which sometimes forces him to cancel meetings scheduled on his agenda. “I have a damaged ligament”he specified. “I’ve been in this state for a while now, I can’t walk anymore.”

François had not been able to preside over the Easter Vigil because of his knee pain. He had held his audiences on Monday in the Sainte-Marthe house where he resides and not at the apostolic palace as usual.

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On Wednesday, during the general audience in St. Peter’s Square, he appeared particularly in difficulty and had to be helped to walk and get up. The pope also suffers from hip pain which makes him limp and underwent a delicate colon operation in July 2021.


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