Poets imitate the beauty of Knights in her first poetic meeting

The poets of the first Forsan Poetry Forum sang of the goodness, beauty and charm of their nature in an evening surrounded by the beauty of the word and the sweetness of the letter. One of the illustrious names in the field of poetry, literature and media.

The poetic evening began with the former Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Abdulaziz Khoja, with a poem that included verses that mimic the beauty of Farasan Island, including:

And I danced with the universes I mentioned.. and the tempestuous beater made me a string

She anchored with the breezes with her smile.. in which love and destiny were manifested

Dr. Khoja presented the poem “The Truth” and said:

you are the only truth

But the worlds are all

They come and go like the clouds

Nothing but your sun in my presence

While the poet Ibrahim Miftah presented the poem “What the Mirrors Don’t Say,” he said:

Light your ink enough to ink the tumor

What is the paper and pen overflowing?

The second evening witnessed the participation of poets Ahmed Al-Sayed Atif, Hassan Al-Salhabi, Dr. Mastoura Al-Orabi, Muhammad Yaqoub and Jassim Al-Sahih, while the evenings of the forum concluded on Monday evening.

The head of the Jazan Winter Committees, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Hadi, welcomed the guests of the forum, which came in line with the cultural and literary status of Farasan Island, its historical status and cultural heritage, considering the forum one of the most prominent activities of the Jazan Winter Festival.


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