PODCAST – Mgr Matthieu Rougé: “The tensions between politics and religions are always fruitful”

Monsignor Matthieu Rougé is one of those bishops who know the political world very well. The former chaplain of parliamentarians, now Bishop of Nanterre, is wary of superficial debates. The differences of views about the resumption of worship during the deconfinement show, according to him, the need to establish a deep, free and serene dialogue.

If certain tensions between the State and religions can arise, according to him from a ” ordinary anticlericalism, which is part of the French political tradition ”, he believes that political responsibility is a fertile ground for spiritual questioning.

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To close season 2 of this podcast, Monsignor Rougé has agreed to react to the comments of various political figures invited to Place of religions. He returns to the encyclical Laudato Si, mentioned by Cécile Duflot; on the universal income advocated by Pope Francis and questioned by Eric Woerth; or again on the relationship with the religious of the new political generation, around the surprising testimony of Marlène Schiappa.

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► Among the invited political figures:

Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship; Eric Piolle, EELV mayor of Grenoble; François-Xavier Bellamy, MEP Les Républicains; Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, former Minister of National Education; Eric Woerth, chairman of the finance committee of the National Assembly; Bernard Cazeneuve, former Minister of the Interior, in charge of worship; Franck Meyer, evangelical mayor of Sotteville-sous-le-Val; Hubert Wulfranc, former mayor of Saint-Étienne du Rouvray; Jean-Philippe Duval, monk at the Abbey of Solesmes and municipal councilor; Enrico Letta, director of the Jacques-Delors Institute …

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Every Wednesday from September 30 until December 23, 2020, in the second season of the podcast Place of religions, daily journalists The cross invite personalities from all walks of life to enlighten us on the relations between politics and religions based on their experience in the field. During a conversation, they reveal their convictions to us at the source of their action.

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