Playstation messages are a way for violent people to communicate with their brothers

Three brothers sought the help of their older brother (from their mother), from the domestic violence that is practiced against them by their brothers in a secret way through the Playstation, as all communication devices were withdrawn from them, and they had no other means, after they informed the competent authorities, including the branch of the Comprehensive Services Unit in “Khamis Mushait” about the violence practiced against them. However, it is sufficient to take pledges and return them to their father and children without any action that limits that.

Stakeholder interaction

“Al-Watan” contacted the director of the comprehensive services unit branch in “Khamis Mushait”, Saeed Salem, but he refused to comment, referring the matter to the Ministry of Human Resources and Development branch in “Asir”. In turn, the newspaper sent an inquiry to the branch, on January 14, and no response was received until the moment the news was prepared.

Confessions of the battered

“Majed” confirmed that the confessions of the victims are written and registered with the relevant authority in “Khamis Mushait”, but the case has not been referred to the Public Prosecution, indicating that he does not know the reason for the identity of the Comprehensive Services Unit, and its absence from the protection of the victims despite the existence of an official report of cases Violence and recorded confession. On February 4, Majid also contacted the Domestic Violence Reporting Center, and explained: “I was only contacted on Sunday and also without result, and the case was closed.”

Disconnecting means of communication

“Majid” pointed out that “Al-Jawhara” contacted and reported cases of violence to which they were exposed from an early age, and the pledge was satisfied. Therefore, penalties and violence were doubled at home, to prevent them from any upcoming reports, and terrorize them in various ways, and any cell phone in their possession was withdrawn for fear of reports. And transferring the report in the name of their sister from their mother, in order to communicate with her, to complete the notification procedures.

Deprivation of 22 years

The husband of the abused sister said: We were surprised by a call from the “Khamis Mushait” police stating that there was a report against my wife, who is interested in her brothers ’status and following up on their case. So we went to the department and found the report from my wife’s father who was present. In the presence of the officer, she said she was standing with the victims to save them. She revealed that her father wronged her too when she was young, did not enter school, and divorced her mother at the age of 6 years, and prevented her from seeing her mother until she got married at the age of 28, and he was threatening her severely in the event that one of them communicated with their mother.

Begged and abdicated

The husband added that at that time his wife’s brothers were with their father in the police station, none of the two girls could talk about the suffering they were going through, but one of them took advantage of her father’s departure and sought help from the officer, and she asked him to save them and their brother from the violence they were experiencing, and she told the officer: “It is enough for us to see. By God Almighty, they put the knife on our necks before we save you now. ”So the officer forced the father of the daughters to give up maliciously for his daughter, write a pledge not to harm them, and refer the case to protection.

Sufficiency in pledges

Majid Asiri, the elder brother of the battered, said to “Al-Watan”: My brothers from my mother are three: Abdul Rahman, 19 years old, has been diagnosed with “diabetes” since his birth and has electrical charges in the body. “Diabetic” patient, and she is considered one of those with special needs. They are being abused by their father and children on a daily and continuous basis. Family violence has been reported more than once, but pledges are taken and returned to their father and children.

The citizen seeks an urgent intervention to protect his three brothers from domestic violence.

Excessive violence was practiced against them on the part of their brothers on the part of their father.

Report the violence to the Comprehensive Services Unit in “Khamis Mushait”.

– It was enough to take pledges and return them to their father and children.


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