Plants are the latest trends in e-commerce

The sale and acquisition of plants and their requirements is one of the most prominent trends and projects developed and spread among young people, there is competition based on social media by reviewing the acquisition of the largest number of plants from different species and organizing them in artistic and distinctive ways. Noha Al-Khalidi expressed her passion for that in general after her own experience through caring and multiplying indoor plants, which opened her wide horizons by establishing her own store that sells more than a hundred species.

Alternative to flowers

She added, “There is a great change in the pattern of traditional gifts, as many people have adopted the purchase of an indoor or outdoor plant in order to present it as a gift instead of flowers. This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the spread of the culture of plant acquisition and knowledge of its importance and benefits inside and outside the home in renewing the air, in addition to its low prices. In contrast to the high-cost, quick-wilted flower bouquet, there is a great demand for a specific type of plants, the most important of which are zyamia, potatoes, aloe vera, bamboo, and tiger skin, as they are most in demand due to their lack of great care, their ability to adapt to the internal climate of the house and their ability to reproduce ».

Potted manufacturing

The painter “Nouf” drew followers of social media through her numerous and innovative artistic works, through the manufacture of pots of plants with high-quality pottery materials, in addition to harnessing her talent for drawing on the potted plants of various characters, or inscriptions and selling them in appropriate amounts, which made her admirable For lovers of different plant care and their requirements.

A trendy store

While the young Muhammad al-Hashemi seeks to expand his nursery, which he inherited from his father ten years ago, to become a modern store for local and imported plants, noting that the exchange of ideas and pictures about plants through communication sites led to the revival of the voice of plants, which was restricted to a specific group of those interested in plants.


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