Pets improve children’s sleep

A new study by the Healthy Heart Project shows that having pets improves children’s sleep at night, according to sleepfoundation.

Companionship with pets is often associated with increased health benefits, such as reduced stress and improved cardiovascular performance.

For many people, especially in times of global crisis such as the Corona pandemic, the relationship between individuals and their pets is more relevant than ever.

sleep quality

Not only does this study disprove the theory that your pet is disrupting your sleep, but it also suggests that those who sleep with pets often report higher sleep quality, with children viewing their pets as close friends or trusted companions.

The study also shows that families with pets feel a greater sense of companionship with the animal than some people.

This study not only challenges previous assumptions about co-sleeping with pets, but it demonstrates that it can have long-term benefits.

Shared sleep

According to the study, 75% of households have a pet, and almost half of these households report a regular co-sleeping routine with their pets.

Sleeping with pets has been shown to reduce chronic pain in adults and also provide a greater sense of safety at home.

Throughout the Healthy Heart Project, researchers followed the sleep quality of 188 children, ages 11 to 17, for two weeks.

A third of these children slept with a pet – a unique test group given the fact that most of the studies on this topic were conducted with adults.

In addition to identical nighttime awakenings, sleep duration, and sleep quality, those people who slept with a pet did not report any difference in sleeping or waking times.


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