Permission is a requirement for public showing in celebrity photography

Lawyer and legal advisor Khaled Al-Shahrani revealed that people who appear in the video clips during celebrity coverage have the right to file a complaint against the photographer if he shows them without their permission, even if it is transiently and quickly, and it is not required that the photography be offensive to be in violation, explaining that the penalty for filming without permission requires A fine of 5,000 in the first time, and with repetition in the first year from the date of the commission, the fine will be doubled to 10,000 riyals.

Violation of the photographer and publisher

The Director General of the Public Taste Association, Badr Al-Zayani, confirmed to “Al-Watan” that the publisher of the photo is often the photographer, then he is violated, and if the publisher is a person different from the photographer, then the publisher and the photographer are violated together, adding that if publishing the photo on social media is intended for a specific person specifically And it is not a general image, then the publisher has to violate it, but if it is a general image and it is not intended for a specific person, then it does not violate the publisher.

He pointed out that as an association, they are concerned with spreading the culture of public taste and are not concerned with implementing or responsible for implementing the public taste list. Rather, their mission is limited to spreading the culture of public taste through awareness programs and clarifying what is mentioned in the regulations.

Request prior authorization

Al-Shahrani explained that photographing others without their prior consent is considered a violation of the public taste regulation, whatever the capacity of the photographer, as he is not entitled to photograph people without obtaining their consent to photograph.

Those affected have the right to report the violators of this through the security reports to the police stations, indicating that the monitoring is either through the testimony of the witnesses present, or if the photos are published on social media, then it is through the identifier from which it was published.

Public figures

Al-Shahrani mentioned that public figures are the property of society, but that requires taking into account the customs and traditions of society in dealing with the portrayal of public figures and is not transgressed, indicating that violating the privacy of others is one of the types of abuse for them, as every person has his freedom and privacy that the system preserves for him and others have no right to violate it .

The most prominent public places in which the regulation applies:







– Cinemas

– The stadiums

Medical and educational facilities

Gardens and parks

Roads and paths


– Various means of transportation

Penalty for violation:

– The first time is 5,000 riyals

– The second time doubled to 10 thousand riyals

– If the publisher of the photo is the photographer, then he is being violated

The publisher and the photographer are both violated if the publisher is a person different from the photographer

– The publisher has a violation if the published image is intended for a specific person and is not public

– The publisher does not violate if the image is public


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